Bad River Medical Transportation


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Scheduling Line: (715) 682-7137 (x 4101) 

Danielle, Scheduler - (715) 292-5689

Ed, Driver  - (715) 979-1730

Wesley, Driver  - (715) 292-5604



We are pleased to offer non-emergency transportation to those eligible in our service area (Ashland County and Iron County). 

Our services are for patients who cannot drive and who do not have transportation available. 

Additionally, the patient must be eligible through PRC (purchase referred care) and must apply first for their benefits, then if denied they would qualify for our transportation.

Eligibility & Scheduling

Priority will be given to those who are enrolled with the MTM benefit or a participant of CCCW. Eligible riders must also follow PRC eligibility guidelines. BRHWC staff of the Transportation Program will receive  requests for transportation through MTM, Inc., CCCW/Inclusa, Program staff, and BRHWC staff only. 

Requests for transportation from CCCW and MTM staff will ensure a person has authorization. When a request is made for a non-Medicaid participant but is enrolled in a BRHWC program then BRHWC Transportation Program staff will verify a medical appointment, cross references with PRC to ensure eligibility, and then will enter into the BMW system to determine if schedule can sustain the requested trip. 

Priority will be given in this order: 

1. To riders who have the NEMT benefit through Forward Health or who have CCCW/Inclusa

2. Bad River Elders who do not have vehicle access/use  and have a serious illness or an invasive appointment (e.g. chemotherapy,  dialysis, heart failure, respiratory failure, etc.) 

3. Bad River Elders who do not have vehicle access/use 

4. Bad River Program Participants including AODA who do not have vehicle access/use 

5. Bad River non-elders who do not have vehicle access/use 

6.  All other requests      

MTM Ride Requests

Eligibility of riders is based on  Medical Assistance NEMT benefits, and MTM, Inc., as well as availability.  Client can either call MTM, Inc. and MTM will then contact BRHWC Transportation Program Scheduler for availability of transport.

You may be able to schedule rides with the MTM manager, if you are enrolled in one of the following programs:  

  • Wisconsin Medicaid
  • BadgerCare Plus
  • Family Planning Only Services
  • Tuberculosis-Related Services-Only Benefit
  • BadgerCare Plus Express Enrollment for Pregnant Women

Note* You Must call MTM in order to set up transportation; they will then assign the transport to their MTM outlets.  

CCCW/Inclusa Ride Requests

CCCW/Inclusa clients must have transportation requested by their Care Manager or other CCCW/Inclusa staff to the Bad  River Transportation Program Scheduler before transportation will be allowed.   

BRHWC Program Ride Requests

BRHWC programs will need to have the supervisor or program scheduler arrange ride. Uninsured /non-enrolled clients   will be directed to the Medical Benefits specialist for PRC eligibility before   being scheduled for transportation. 

Definitions & Acronyms

BRHWC (Bad River Health and Wellness Center) 

NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) 

MTM, Inc. (WI’s NEMT contracted provider for Medicaid) 

BMW (Practice Management  Application Suite- scheduling software) 

PRC (Purchased Referred Care)     

CCCW( Community Care Connections of Wisconsin)