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Call: (715) 682-7133

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00a-4:30p

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Public Health Nurses

Pam, BSN, RN - Supervisor - (715) 292-7368

Lisa, BSN, RN - Case Manager - (715) 682-7133 ( x4357)

Community Health Representatives (CHRs)

Sue - (715) 685-5604

Gena - (715) 685-4417

Community Health Representatives (CHRs)

CHRP is a unique community-based outreach program, staffed by a cadre of well-trained, medically-guided, tribal and Native community people who provide a variety of health services within AI/AN communities.

The CHR is a unique concept for providing health care, health promotion, and disease prevention services.

The CHRs also coordinate our WIC program.


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Some typical duties a CHR might perform 

Responsibilities of a CHR How can you receive "PHN" or "CHR" services? 

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Public Health

The mission of Bad River Health Department is to protect and promote health and prevent disease and injury. 

Public health focuses on the health of populations. It is the improvement of the health of the total community. Public health helps promote health and prevent disease foe the entire population groups. ​ This is done by working with individuals, families, communities, and/or systems. While most nurses care for one patient at a time, community/public health nurses care for entire populations. ​ By working with whole communities, community health nurses are able to educate people about health issues, improve community health and safety, and increase access to care. ​ Public health professionals try to prevent problems from happening or recurring while clinical professionals like doctors and nurses, who focus primarily on treating individuals after they become sick or injured. ​ A large part of public health is promoting healthcare equity, quality, and accessibility.  

Bad River Public Health department plays an important role in the prevention, detection, surveillance and controlling the spread of disease. Public Health Nursing investigates and follows up on all reportable communicable disease and disease outbreaks in Bad River. We provide current information on specific communicable diseases. 

Reporting Communicable Diseases

To Report a communicable disease please call: 715-682-7133