Maternal & Child Health Programs

Maternal & Child Health Nurse


 Jen, RN

(715) 682-7133 (x 4354)

Jen provides care and services to prenatal women, infants and children, and their families, as well as others within the community.  This program is free and voluntary. 

Services she provides includes, but not limited to: PNCC (prenatal care coordination), dual protection kits/education, baby boxes, and education on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, immunizations, birth control, sexual health, smoking cessation, and much, much more. 

She works with various programs within the Bad River Health and Wellness Center, such as Family Foundations and Healthy Start, to coordinate care and make appropriate referrals to promote and maintain the health of prenatal women and families. She is available to answer any questions you may have. Just give a call and set up a time to meet with her or just drop by! 

Healthy Start


Penny, Community Health Worker

(715) 682-7133 (x 4353)

If you are in need of support for you and your baby, or if you'd like to learn more, please call us.


The Healthy Start Program uses the Family Spirit Curriculum to help support you and your baby during pregnancy and after.   

Breastfeeding is nothing new, it’s something our grandmothers did, and goes way back to our human creation. When we conceive and during our prenatal/body change, a women’s body will naturally produce doodooshaboo, if choosing to breastfeed this would be our babies first drink of medicine.

Mewizha a time of trauma/history/hospitals, our women were not allowed to nurse their newborn, bottles and formula were given to the infants. We hear many stories from our elders of what they remember, at one time our  grandmothers, moms, aunties, also nursed other babies/children, they were referred as a wet nurse. 

As a community health educator, Penny provides education and support for nursing moms.


Here in the community we would like to acknowledge the many moms that have nursed their children and now their daughters, granddaughters are naturally nursing,  megwetch for continuing and sending that to us and into the future.   

This program is free and voluntary.  

Family Foundations


Suzette, Supervisor

715-682-7133 (x 4349)

Tammy, Home Visitor

715-682-7133 (x 4352)

Corrin Kangas, Home Visitor

715-682-7133 (x 4347)

If you are interested in enrolling in the Family Foundation Home Visiting Program or if you have more questions please feel free to contact us.

The Home Visitation Program will work with families to improve maternal child health. This includes improving family functions, school readiness and achievement, reduce domestic violence, improve family economic self-sufficiency and to promote child safety.  

Weekly visits will be done with the home visitor and the family members.  Scheduled appointments will be made to meet with family members.  There will be standardized screenings and assessment tools for enrollment that are consistent with MA requirements.

This program is free and voluntary.

MCH Programs Services


We have a variety of services to help support you with Family Planning Services including:   

-Sexual Health Education 

-Birth Control 

-Support During Pregnancy 

-Home Visiting Services 

-Referrals to Providers 


-Well-Child Exams 

-Developmental Screening 

-Referrals to Birth to 3 

-Referrals to WIC 

-Healthy Pregnancy Education 

-Enrollment to the Family Planning Waiver