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June - Manager

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Melissa - Billing Specialist

Tamela - Billing Specialist

HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)

Did you know? As a tribal member you are not mandated to have an HMO listed with your Medicaid.  Our staff will alert you of this if we find this on your benefits list. However, we are not able to pick out all of them.   

If you know you are on an HMO call 1-800-291-2002 and ask to dis-enroll from the HMO.   

Note: You may find you need to call every time you renew your enrollment with Medicaid benefits.   


Referrals are processed through the PRC (Purchased/Referred Care) team.

Our billing/PRC department now requires all referrals to be brought by paper form to our billing department before a purchase order will be released.  Make sure to bring this to the billing department as soon as you have been referred outside of the Health and Wellness Center.